In the late 1800’s Newton Sapp and Naomi Hewitt were married and settled down near Pickett Lake in Lafayette County. God blessed them with ten children. During those years, Mother Sapp taught them the great love and gift of her Savior, Jesus Christ.

For forty years, she kept a Sunday School going and prayed for a permanent place for children to study and learn the Bible in a healthy and Christian atmosphere. God answered her prayer by working through her son, Theo Sapp, who accepted the call into the ministry. In 1952, he asked his brother and sister-in-law, Delmer and Minnie Sapp, to donate twenty acres of land to put Mother Sapp’s dream into action. In February 1955, the land was officially deeded for that purpose and the work began with volunteer labor and many contributions. A meeting was called to select all the necessary directors, officers and organizational board.

Five frame buildings were completed in the over the next six to eight years and in 1970, construction of Alderman Chapel began. The Sapp Conference Center was constructed approximately three years later. God had supplied all the needs and the Middle Florida Baptist Assembly was completely debt free.

Since its humble beginnings, Middle Florida Baptist Assembly has been visited by some 150,000 people of whom more than 20,000 have made life changing decisions for Jesus Christ.


Significant Dates

February 16, 1955 – Original deed from Mr. and Mrs. Sapp.

April 25, 1955 – Original Board of Directors formed. Land clearing commenced.

November 3, 1955 – Board of Directors expanded.

August 8, 1957 – First Rally day held with 800 in attendance.

1960 – Dining Hall and Girls Dorms constructed

April 14, 1961 – Additional deed from Mr. and Mrs. Sapp.

1965 – Boys dorms completed

1972 – Alderman Chapel constructed

1974 – Part-time Manager T.E. Ellerbee hired

December 6, 1975 – Full-time Manager Walter McKinney hired

1976 – Lakeview Cottage constructed

1977- Picnic Pavillions constructed

1978 – Outdoor Worship Center constructed

1978 – Dining Hall addition constructed

1978 – Barbeque pits completed.

1979 – Conference Center added to Alderman Chapel

1983 – Air Conditioning installed in all buildings

1984 – Adult Center constructed

May 1, 1990 - Camp Manager Tim Kinsey hired

1991- Additional deed from Mr. and Mrs. Sapp

1992 – Softball, Football, and Volleyball areas constructed

1992 – Additional property deeded from Mr. Alexander.

1994- Additional deed from Mr. and Mrs. Sapp

2001- 9 RV hookups constructed

2001- Swimming pond constructed

2007-2008- Hosted a Creation Museum (Fossils)

2008 – Additional bathrooms added to the Girls dormitories

2011-2015- Partnership with Campers On Missions

2013- Grant Pavillion constructed

2017- Gaga ball, Human foosball, and 9-square-in-the-air constructed